Vinquisition: The Codebase and Project

Technology Used

Part of the reason I wanted to start this project was to brush up on my NodeJS skills. As such, I’ve written the game into a Node project that runs as a website. The website uses:

  • NodeJS
  • Express
  • AngularJS
  • Bootstrap

I am currently hosting it on Heroku at because it’s so easy to set up and share with people.

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Dungeon World: 40,000 – A Dark Heresy Conversion Project

Note: this project has been renamed Heresy World.

In my spare time I am building an expansion of Dungeon World to work in the universe of Warhammer 40k, specifically the game Dark Heresy. This short post is about my goals and my overall plan of attack. More posts will follow with specific decisions and developments.

I like the rules-light nature of Dungeon World, and its ability to build a narrative with very little preparation. I also love the grimdark setting of WH40k. In an exercise to flex my tiny game design muscles, and to learn some new programming skills, I’ve created a new website for showcasing my ongoing work.

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