Reducing Scope

Since I have a tendency to let my projects wane and disappear I’ve decided to further reduce the scope of the DW40K project. In so doing I’ve reduced my goals for the classes to be played, and especially how much advancement they can have.

My goal is to have three classes be playable – Assassin, Arbitrator, and Guardsman – and to only have enough for them to be playable until level 5. After level 5 there likely won’t be interesting choices for advanced moves to take. This will be helpful to get to playtesting earlier. I’ve also deleted the Tech-Priest from the codebase. That class is harder to write and can be added later on.

For each of the classes I’ll be incorporating (stealing) moves from the original Dungeon World, but I also want each class to have a 40k feel to it. To do so I’ll be writing new moves when I can, but more often I’ll just tweak or rename existing moves to have a more 40k feel.

An example of a tweaked moveĀ is the “I Am the Law” move for the Arbitrator. This move is an exact copy of the Paladin move of the same name. The only change is to the bold part of the text which now reads: “give an NPC an order based on your Imperial or Inquisitorial authority.” I think this move works for both 40k and DW at this point, but I’m not a fan of the name and would like to change it in the future when I think of something better.

A new move for the Arbitrator I’m working on is an advancement of Interrogator called Confessor. The idea will be to give the player the option to torture their victim mercilessly to increase the chances of getting information, at the risk of killing the subject.

Setting my goal at a max level of 5 also means I can likely get away with converting fewer of the more exotic weapons over. I’ll be discussing items more in future posts.

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