The Armory: Weapons, Armor, and Grenades

Items in Dark Heresy, and in most WH40k games and RPGs, are much more detailed and important to a character’s power level than items found in Dungeon World. I’d like to bring over some of the varying power levels of the weapons in 40K to Heresy World. This will require creating some new tags for weapons, especially ranged weapons.

Ranged weapons in Dungeon World are limited to virtually two things: pointy things you throw and pointy things you loose from a bow or crossbow. Warhammer 40K has many different traits to describe a ranged weapon. Does it scatter like a shotgun? Is it semi-automatic, full automatic or single shot? Does it shoot fire, melta blasts, plasma bursts, bolts, bullets, rockets, grenades, las fire? Is it reliable or does it overheat?

My initial list of weapons will be a simple conversion of the base list of weapons from Dungeon World with a handful of new weapons and new tags thrown in. This first batch should have enough weapons in it for players to pick their starting gear and get some upgraded versions that have more tags.

New Weapon Tags

To create more powerful versions of the weapons below for your players to find or buy, you can just start slapping tags on them. Try to keep the lore in mind however; a Lasgun is very unlikely to have 2 Rending or the Scatter tag and a Warhammer likely won’t be Razor Sharp.

  • Long: It’s useful for attacking someone far enough away you can barely make out their face
  • Clip n: It can be used for Volley n times before it must be reloaded.
  • Scatter: It’s very effective in close quarters. Roll an extra damage die when attacking a target within Reach.
  • Tearing: When dealing damage with this weapon roll an extra damage die and discard the lowest.
  • n Rending: This weapons tears and destroys the target’s defenses. The target’s armor is reduced by n when they take damage from this weapon.
  • Silenced: The sound of this weapon firing is greatly reduced
  • Razor Sharp: When rolling a 10+ with Hack and Slash your weapon ignores armor
  • n Proven: This weapon always strikes true. When rolling for damage with this weapon, treat any roll below n as having rolled n.

Standard Weapons List

  • Laspistol; near, far, clip 3, 15 thrones, 2 weight
  • Stub revolver: near, far, clip 2, 10 thrones, 2 weight
  • Lasgun; near, far, long, clip 4, 40 thrones, 2 weight
  • M36 Lasgun; near, far, long, clip 4, +1 damage, 60 thrones, 2 weight
  • Double-barreled shotgun; close, near, far, scatter, clip 1, 35 thrones, 2 weight
  • Pump action shotgun; close, near, far, scatter, clip 4, 55 thrones, 2 weight
  • Box of Ammo; 3 ammo, 1 throne, 1 weight
  • Club, Shillelagh; close, 1 throne, 2 weight
  • Staff; close, two-handed, 1 throne, 1 weight
  • Dagger, Shiv, Knife; hand, 2 thrones, 1 weight
  • Throwing Dagger; thrown, near, 1 throne, 0 weight
  • Short Sword, Axe, Mace, Warhammer; close, 8 thrones, 1 weight
  • Spear; reach, thrown, near, 5 thrones, 1 weight
  • Long Sword, Battle Axe, Warhammer; close, +1 damage, 15 thrones, 2 weight
  • Halberd; reach, +1 damage, two-handed, 9 thrones, 2 weight
  • Rapier; close, precise, 25 thrones, 1 weight
  • Dueling Rapier; close, 1 piercing, precise, 50 thrones, 2 weight
  • Chainsword: close, tearing, 1 rending, very rare, 2 weight

Armor List

Nothing new here, just renamed Scale and Plate armor.

  • Leather, Chainmail ; 1 armor, worn, 10 thrones, 1 weight
  • Scale Mail Flak Armor; 2 armor, worn, clumsy, 50 thrones, 3 weight
  • Plate Carapace Armor; 3 armor, worn, clumsy, 350 thrones, 4 weight
  • Shield; +1 armor, 15 thrones, 2 weight

Grenades List

This list is the perfect thing to go along with the grenade based moves for the Guardsman that I talked about in a previous post. Grenades break from the Dungeon World idea of “weapons don’t kill monsters, people do” and do indeed have their own damage. When a grenade can deal damage detonates it deals its damage, not the thrower’s damage.

  • Frag Grenade:  2d6 damage, Close radius
  • Krak Grenade:  2d4 damage, +2 piercing, 1 rending, Hand radius
  • Fire Bomb: d6 damage, covers an area of Reach radius in fire
  • Smoke Grenade: Covers an area in dense smoke for 2d4 minutes
  • Stun Grenade: Emits a loud noise and a bright flash, temporarily disabling or confusing those caught in the blast.

Things To Come

Since this is enough to play with I’ll be tabling any further additions until I get the MVP (minimum viable product) up and running. When that happens here are some ideas I’ve spitballed:

  • Power weapons
  • Flame weapons
  • Bolter weapons
  • Combiweapons
  • Tags or rules for rate of fire
  • More tags for melee weapons
  • Scopes

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