Moving the GitHub Repos

I had initially written here that I would be storing the game information in a GitHub repo that incorporated a NodeJS website for display game data and a separate game_data folder with JS files for declaring the actual text of the game.

Screw that.

I’ve since moved the entire codebase to a new GitHub repo which you can find here. The game text is now written in simple markdown, and can easily be read straight off of GitHub. Anyone reading this can feel free to make suggestions for the project by making their own pull request.

The other system could still be implemented down the line, as the tooltips and data structure are quite useful. For now though it’s just a hindrance to writing the game. I find writing markdown easier, and I can make changes directly on GitHub’s website.

I’ve already made further changes to the game after copying over what I’d written on this blog. You can see the changes in this list of commits, but I’ll be writing about them in detail in future posts.

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