Arbitrator 1.0

Arbitrator by Corbella
Source: Corbella on Deviant Art

I’ve completed the first playable version of the Arbitrator. The starting moves from this post and the advanced moves from this post remain unchanged. I’ve added the stats, bonds, looks, starting gear, and alignments. You can see the Arbitrator 1.0 over here on GitHub, but I’ll post the additions below.

Keep in mind that since I’m only shooting for levels 1-5 for the MVP (minimum viable product), there are no advanced moves for levels 6-10 for the Arbitrator yet.


Choose one for each:

Distrusting eyes, kind eyes, tired eyes

Helmeted head, military cut, or bald

Plain clothes, worn outfit, or uniform

Thin body, fit body, flabby body

When adding these options I tried to think of cop clichés. The kind eyes may seem strange but it’s for the “Good Cop” look. For their wardrobe I like plain clothes vs uniform just like a cop. I’m not sure “worn outfit” conveys what I want, which is clothes that have seen action not just clothes suck.


Your maximum HP is 10+Constitution.
Your base damage is d6.

I’m not sure about the d6 damage. I may bump it up to d8. The Paladin in Dungeon World has a damage of d10 but I think the Arbitrator has the coolest non-combat skills of the first three classes for Heresy World so it made sense to give them a lower damage.



Show mercy or leniency to an enemy.


Work with or ignore the enemy to catch the bigger fish.


Hurt someone more than you need to.

I realized as I was writing this post that I can’t call the alignment Chaotic. I’ve changed it Anarchic, which makes it sound less like a heretical Ruinous-Powers-worshiping alignment. The Evil alignment is the one I like the most.


Fill in the name of on of your fellow acolytes in at least one:

________________ knows much about the enemy’s ways, I should use that knowledge.

________________ walks a thin line too close to sedition, I should guide them.

________________ has helped me defeat a formidable foe, I should repay them in kind.

The second bond’s use of the word “sedition” may need to be changed. I originally had it as “heresy” but that’s much too strong. If I had used that then a true-to-the-lore bond would’ve read “_____ walks a thin line too close to heresy, I should kill them immediately.”

If you have any suggestions for bonds let me know, I think my first few are pretty weak.


Your load is 10+Str. You start with rations, a stub revolver. Choose your melee weapon:

  • Warhammer (close, +1 damage, 2 weight)
  • Shock Maul (close, 1 weight, shocking)

Choose your armor:

  • Leather or chainmail (1 armor, 1 weight) and a shield (+1 armor, 2 weight)
  • Flak armor (2 armor, 2 weight)

I forgot to give the Arbitrator ammo. I still haven’t landed on exactly how I want to handle ammo with the n clip tag that forces reloads. When I have a clearer idea of how that works I’ll give our Arbitrator some rounds so he can pop some caps.

The Shock Maul’s shocking tag is something I haven’t fleshed out fully yet. As it is the Warhammer with +1 damage is just clearly better stat wise, but the Shock Maul should be better once I add some way to really utilize the “Shock” part.

That’s the first version of the Arbitrator. Next up will be the Assassin, who will have a few move tweaks and then their look, gear, stats, bonds, and alignments added.

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