Volley and Ammo Changes

I recently did a short play test with some friends and got together some notes. One thing that didn’t surprise me in the slightest was that I wasn’t entirely happy with how the clip/ammo/Volley/reload system worked, so I’ve made some changes. You can view the full changes in this commit on GitHub.

The first change was getting rid of the clip tag, and simply giving weapons uses. For example the Laspistol’s tag as of right now are near, far, 3 uses, 1 weight. Whenever you fire your Laspistol for a bit you mark off a use. An important thing to keep in mind is that one use of a weapon isn’t one shot, it’s a brief moment of you firing shots.

A new basic move to go along with this is the Reload move. It’s a very simple move that requires no rolling, but I think it clarifies how ammo and weapons work very concisely with just one sentence.


When you take a moment to reload your weapon reset your weapon’s uses and expend 1 ammo.

I’m excited about adding in a Rapid Reload advanced move later on that lets you do away with the “take a moment” in exchange for added risk.

The next big change was scrapping the Volley basic move and replacing it with Aim and Fire. The fundamentals are virtually the same, but the weapon use mechanic has been added. Also, in this commit I added an option for 10+ rolls similar to the one found in Hack and Slash. It allows you to use a bit more of your ammo to deal an extra +1d4 damage. I thought making it 1d6 to match Hack and Slash would be too powerful as the price for that move – opening yourself up to an attack – is higher than this one.

Aim and Fire

When you aim and fire your ranged weapon, roll+DEX and expend a use of your weapon. On a 10+ deal your damage. At your option you may expend another use of your weapon to add +1d4 damage. On a 7-9 you deal your damage and choose one:

  • You take what you can get, deal -1d6 damage
  • You need to take some more shots, expend another use of your weapon
  • You have to place yourself in danger, the GM will tell you how

I’ll be play testing some more this Saturday and I’ll be trying out these new rules then, as well as some of the cooler enemies I created for the Shattered Hope front.

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