Advanced Moves For Everyone!

While making new moves I often felt bad limiting them to a single class. This was especially true when drawing inspiration from Dark Heresy talents. For example here is the advanced move Hatred that I created:


Your hatred for a particular enemy of the Imperium runs deep. Each time you take this move, select one of the groups below and describe how your hatred took root. You take +1d4 damage ongoing against them.

  • Xenos
  • Criminals
  • Daemons
  • Psykers
  • Mutants

I wanted everyone to be able to take this. I like the small addition of “describe how your hatred took root.” My hopes are that it will lead to people exploring their characters’s pasts and motivations more. To make it so anyone can use this move I’ve created a list of advanced moves that are available for all classes to take when they level up. Here are those new global advanced moves:

Rapid Reload

When you attempt to reload quickly roll+DEX. On a 10+ you reload your weapon instantly – reset its uses and reduce your ammo by 1. On a 7-9 the same in addition to what that the GM says. On a 6- you fumble your reload.

This is the move I mentioned in my last post about Aim and Fire and reloading. The 7-9 result might benefit from some suggestions to give the GM, but it’ll do for now. I might also buff it so that 7+ gets you the instant reload and a 10+ gives you an extra bonus.

Mighty Shot

You are able to see the weak points in any target, add your DEX to your damage when using ranged weapons.

Crushing Blow

Your attacks strike with resounding force, add your STR to your damage when using melee weapons.

These two moves serve the same purpose, just upping your damage. This one will likely need to be tested a lot to see how it scales into further levels. I like the synergy it has with character advancement though; if you Hack and Slash a lot then you’ll want high strength, so Crushing Blow becomes even more useful.

Medicae Training

When you use medical supplies to tend to someone’s wounds roll+INT. On a 10+ choose two, on a 7-9 choose one:

  • Heal for an extra 1d6
  • Don’t mark off a use of the supply
  • It takes half the time
  • You remove a debility

On a 6- choose one:

  • Mark off an extra use of the supply
  • You heal for half the value, rounded down
  • It takes twice as long

That’s the first version of the Medicae Training move. While writing this post I realized this move wasn’t as clear as I’d like it to be. So in this commit I made some changes and the trigger text now reads “When you use medical supplies (bandages, medicae kits, etc) to tend to someone’s wounds, use the item as normal and roll+INT”.

Advanced Tech-Use

You may reroll any Tech-Use roll. The new result stands.

This is a pretty simple advancement for a new basic move:


When you attempt to use or fix a complicated piece of technology roll+INT. On a 10+ you do what you set out to do. On a 7-9 the same, but choose one:

  • It takes longer than you’d planned
  • You have to cannibalize some equipment on hand, the GM will tell you what
  • You get a lesser result than you intended, the GM will tell you what

The second option was something that happened to me in a Deathwatch campaign that allowed us to save a captured Titan’s mind-core. I’m not sure how often that compromise will be applicable for simpler tasks.


When you use your weapon to deflect an incoming melee attack, take +1 to Defy Danger. On a 10+ deal your level in damage to your attacker.

I haven’t used the mechanic of dealing your current level in damage very much in my stuff, but I think I like it here. I can’t really say why.

Dual Wield

When you attack with a melee weapon in each hand, add +1d4 damage to your melee attacks.


When you fire with a pistol in each hand, add +1d4 damage to your ranged attacks.

These two are just moves that let people hold two weapons. Holding two weapons is cool, so I wanted to make it an option for everyone.

Something this global list of advanced moves can do is make it easier to introduce new classes. New classes won’t need as many advanced moves, which will help me get more stuff out sooner for playtesting.

Commits for these advanced moves are here, here and here.

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