Notes From Two Play Test Sessions

I just wrapped up my second session of Heresy World. Both sessions I’ve done were with people who are new relatively to Dungeon World and have no experience with Warhammer 40k. Both games used the Shattered Hope front and its enemies and went very well.

During this first playthrough both groups talked a bit to a blabbering survivor of the fighting in the mines, then talked to the Commissar and the Quartermaster. The blabbering survivor was tortured by the Arbitrator for information both times, and gave the players some idea of monsters and mutants attacking the Guardsmen and the rebels in the mines.

Neither group has advanced far enough into the mines to fight the Mutant Abomination or get near the Antithesis Stone, but they have both fought rebels and some mutants.

I’ve pasted some of my raw notes below, and described any changes they necessitated.

Feb 25th Notes

Ammo and Clip

  • It’s still kind of confusing
  • Box of Ammo -> Ammo -> Clip -> Shot seems like a lot

This note is from the first session. The system was changed and detailed in this post. The second session used the new system and it was much better.

Shattered Hope

The mining question doesn’t have enough room

The mission briefing should mention the sealing of the mine

I finally added the Shattered Front to the git repo in this commit, and addressed these notes when I did so. The first point is about one of the questions to ask players before starting: “What do they mine on this planet?” This question was boring so I removed it.

Need to keep in mind female options for looks

I still haven’t addressed this.

Confessor uses Str, might want to change it

I made it use INT instead.

Assassin has no starting rations

Some moves for social interactions could be cool

  • General inquiry?
  • Listen for rumors?
  • Question someone?

Pistols should be weight 1

When hitting a 10+ on Hack and Slash and hoping for a take them alive the options aren’t as cool

Take Them Alive should just replace Hack and Slash and no option for damage?

  • It’s fun to combine them together

Mercy kills, give experience?

I don’t know what I meant about mercy kills and giving experience.

The players took a lot of damage

  • There were only two of them, that might be why
  • Balance doesn’t seem horrible, wouldn’t recommend changing it until lots more testing

For the second session I had one more player and made them fight one fewer rebels. It seemed to work out, but balance in these games is much more about fiction than numbers so I didn’t make any changes to the game based on these two sessions.


  • Draw attention?
  • They resist for longer might also bring attention?
  • Limit number of questions?
  • Two truths and a lie from Grim World seemed cool

Still haven’t updated this, although I think the question limit could be good. Adding “You draw the attention of those nearby” as another negative option is something I’ll probably do as well.

Throw Grenade

  • Make it a basic move for everyone

This was done.


  • With no healing moves available there should be some medicae skills or they should start with more healing gear

I added the advanced move for this in this post.

March 15th Notes

Throw Grenade

  • Dud grenade

A terrible roll on Throw Grenade might mean the grenade is a dud and doesn’t go boom.

Character creation questions

  • What did your character do before being recruited to the Inquisition?
  • What are you willing to do for the Inquisition?
    • Just my job
    • Die
    • Kill
    • Fight
    • The bare minimum

When I expand character creation I’ll add some of these questions as suggestions for the GM to ask the players.

  • Equipment
  • Rations
  • Medicae Kit
  • Bandages

I expanded the list of equipment to include these in this commit. Medicae kits are the same as poultices and herbs from Dungeon World.

End of Session

  • Memorable treasure doesn’t seem very good

Gaining experience for looting memorable treasure seems much more Dungeon World than Warhammer 40k. I’ll probably remove this question, but I’ll need to replace it with another one.

What did you like?

  • Dustin likes that the moves are 40k

I liked this piece of feedback. He said that the moves I had created for the classes seemed to really fit the universe. I didn’t get much negative feedback so there weren’t a lot of things to change based on the questions I asked at the end.

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