Notes and Changes from Play Tests

Both of the groups I have play tested with and written about previously have played through the rest of what I had prepped for the Shattered Hope mission. I took notes throughout both sessions and have made a few minor changes. Below you’ll find my notes and any relevant changes.

Grab Grenade and Explosives Expert
Rolling for both grab grenade and then throw grenade or explosives expert is cumbersome
+1 to Throw Grenade OR Explosives Expert

The first problem here is for the Guardsman when it comes to grabbing a grenade and chucking it at someone. Having to roll both to grab and to throw is a little cumbersome, but I’m not sure of a way to fix this. I can’t really combine them as anyone can use Throw Grenade, and sometimes you need to Grab Grenade without immediately throwing it in combat.

The second issue is using Grab Grenade for Explosives Expert instead of Throw Grenade didn’t offer anything on a 10+. My first idea was to simply change the 10+ on Grab Grenade to read “+1 to Throw Grenade or Explosives Expert when using that grenade.” Instead, I’d like to find some way to make clear that Explosives Expert can simply mark off a use of your Grenade Belt. I can’t think of any way to incorporate this directly into the move text, but it should be explained fully in the final version of the game in notes to the GM.

Drives instead of alignments
Spread gospel
Make someone fear the Inquisition
Make an example of someone

This note is about changing the Alignments for each class to Drives. I think this will make it easier to write them for future classes, and allow me to add Drives that aren’t strictly based on morality. The three examples I listed were just a few ideas I scrawled down.

Thrones or Requisition?

This note came from one of my players with more experience in RPGs. He asked a simple question: “how do we get gear, is there requisition?” Requisition is a currency used in Deathwatch that you spend to pull gear from the armory for a specific mission. It’s an interesting concept to think of for the future: giving players points to spend before starting a mission. I won’t be adding this any time soon, I’ll likely just give players Thrones to spend on equipment before their missions.

The vomiting is cool
Getting sick from its damage is pretty cool, but does away with the “what do you do?” aspect

Antithesis Stone Changing you
“What do you do?” would be awesome, so maybe open up the move more
They avoided the stone after peeking at it

The moves I wrote for the Plaguebearer in this post were cool on paper, but they really do away with the “what do you do?” aspect of Dungeon World moves. I think I’d like to remove the custom move and offer these things as suggestions for the GM as soft or hard moves. The good news is that making people sick from the Plaguebearer was just as cool as having it vomit at them.

Questions to try for creating the Inquisitor
What is something you respect about the Inquisitor and their methods?
What is something that worries you about the Inquisitor?
What signature weapon does the Inquisitor carry?

I wanted to build the Acolyte’s Inquisitor collaboratively with the players at the table, so I built out a few questions and asked each player a different question. This was a lot of fun to do, and I think I may do something similar for a lot of the major NPCs and villains in my games.

Medicae Training
The 6- should be suggestions for the GM and shouldn’t be a list that definitely happens.

I really like the options I have for this advanced move, but having a strict list of negatives on a 6- isn’t as fun. I made them things that might happen instead in this commit.

Aid or Interfere
Roll with advantage would be cooler. +1 just seems kind of weak.

Perhaps this is just a thing with lower level characters but I’ve found that when people Aid one another the +1 on a hit seems weak. I think rolling with advantage could be cool. This isn’t a keyword that’s in regular Dungeon World, it’s taken from D&D 5E, but I think it could be useful in a lot of places. When rolling with advantage you roll 3d6 and discard the lowest.

After using this move once, roll with advantage might be better
After using this move a bunch it’s cool as is. Ignore previous note.

This is just a small note about the Sharpshooter option for Advanced Training available to the Assassin. It allows you to reroll one of your d6s on a Called Shot or Aim and Fire once per encounter. This move was cool and fun to use. Hurray!

Add the option: You draw the attention of those nearby
“Pass out from the pain” and “it takes longer” kinda contradict at first read
Pass out from the pain after your first question
Takes longer for them to begin to cooperate
A max number of questions would be good

The Confessor move doesn’t currently have a max number of questions, which may be an issue later. It hasn’t happened yet, so we’ll see how that goes. I added the extra option of drawing extra attention in this commit and clarified the two seemingly contradicting options in this commit.

Adventuring Gear should be named Field Gear
Dungeon Rations should be Field Rations

These are simple enough, just names that fit the setting better.

Additional GM Moves
The GM moves as written for Dungeon World are good
I would like to add some hard GM move examples that are more tailored to the universe

  • Terrify them
    • “You become Terrified
    • Have them describe how their character becomes useless
    • Babble insanities
    • Self mutilation
    • Flee in terror
    • Fetal position
    • Laugh hysterically
    • Sob uncontrollably
    • Can be used on failed Defy Danger rolls when seeing terrible things
  • Mutate them
    • “You begin to mutate”
    • Have them pick a mutation from the list or roll on it

Some of the effects I had in the Antithesis Chamber move and the Fight Your Fear move I think would be better placed into suggestions for GMs as hard moves that they can make. This gives both the GM and the player much more flexibility, and lets the GM use these thematically fitting moves on any 6-, not just specific custom moves.

That’s all I have for these notes. Not many changes to be made, but a few things to think about for the future.

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