Expanding Character Creation: Backgrounds and Home Worlds

I’ve got some ideas I’m going to put into place for character creation to give players a few more options and separate what they do from who they are. Classes will no longer be tied to a specific origin, but rather to a set of skills. What the characters used to do will now be part of their Background.

The new system would have characters be created using three main choices: Class, Background, Home World.


Classes will function the same, but some will be renamed so that they don’t dictate what the characters were doing before they were recruited by their Inquisitor.

  • Arbitrator becomes Investigator
  • Guardsman becomes Warrior
  • Assassin stays the same

This will continue for future classes. A class based around being good at the wonders of technology would be called Tinkerer or Grease Monkey, not Tech-Priest or Mechanicus.


Your background describes what you were doing before you were recruited by your Inquisitor. It helps shape your character’s backstory and their roots. Possible backgrounds to start are:

  • Imperial Guardsman
  • Adeptus Arbites
  • Outcast
  • Ecclesiarchy
  • Adeptus Mechanicus
  • Adeptus Ministratrum

Your background is tied a new custom move that allows you to reroll one roll per session. Here is the move:

This I Know
Once per session, you may invoke your Background to reroll a move. To invoke your Background you must describe how your character’s experience or a specific event would have helped you in the current situation. The GM and the players at the table have to agree, so the more details the better.

Home World

Home worlds give your character some different stats and some new moves. Where you’re from shapes what characteristics are enhanced and which are stunted.

Death World

Death World characters gain +1 on all Last Breath rolls.
+1 to Dexterity
-1 to Intelligence

Feral World

Feral World characters +1 piercing when using primitive weapons.
+1 to Strength
-1 to Intelligence
+2 to Load

Forge World

Forge World characters replace one of their d6s with a d8 when rolling Tech-Use.
+1 to Intelligence
-1 to Wisdom


Highborn characters gain +1 to any Defy Danger or Parley rolls that involve talking to members of the Imperium.
+1 to Charisma
+10 to starting thrones
-1 to Constitution

Hive World

Hive World characters gain +1 to any Defy Danger rolls when moving through crowds.
+1 to Wisdom
-1 to Strength


Voidborn gain +1 to any rolls to resist warp energy.
+1 to Intelligence
-1 to Charisma

These options have been added to the new Character Creation file in the repo in this commit. The rest of the file will be added later, and as always the next step is giving this to my players and taking notes.

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