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For the past few months most of my work on Heresy World has been on the structure of the project instead of its content. That means I’ve been working on my NodeJS project that allows me to store game data in one location, and jam it into some pages I’ve written. Those pages are then exported into two different files, one for the website and one for the InDesign print files.

I’ve also been working on the website:

This means that the project on GitHub has changed a lot. You can view it here. It used to just be a collection of game text, but it’s now a NodeJS website written in ExpressJS with the game data located in sub folders. I plan to separate these out. I’ll eventually end up with 4 different projects on GitHub:

  • RPG Parser: my project that injects game data into the HTML pages and saves them into output folders
  • Heresy World: the game data as JSON, and the pages as HTML for Heresy World that will be fed into RPG Parser
  • Heresy World website: NodeJS Express website, which will have the output from the Heresy World/RPG Parser pasted into it
  • RPG Parser Example: an example app using RPG Parser with some standing bullshit moves to show the proper data structure and example usages

Because I’ve spent so much time coding and porting data over to this new system, I haven’t put as much time into the actual game itself. That’ll be next. I’ve got a few things I’m looking to touch on, and I’ll do a more detailed post later, but key things are Fronts/Missions, the Warrior class, and the Investigator class.

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