Warrior 2.0

The Warrior was originally the Guardsman, and I had the idea of making him like a grenadier who likes to blow stuff up. When I moved Backgrounds into a separate part of character creation and changed the class to Warrior the moves stayed but they didn’t really fit anymore.

I like the Grenade Belt and Explosives Expert moves, so I’m going to keep them in some capacity, but the starting moves for the Warrior and the advanced moves that build off of them are being changed and rewritten.

Starting Moves

The new Warrior now has 4 starting moves. Two of them are very basic: Armored and Tome of War. The former lets the Warrior wear clumsy armor with no penalty and the latter gives them +1 to Spout Lore rolls on all things war related. These are the least interesting moves so I won’t get into them.

For the interesting starting moves I’ll start with Tactical Advantage:

Tactical Advantage

Each battle is different and requires a different approach. At the start of each battle, decide which tactic you are actively employing.

  • Defensive: As long as you don’t attempt to gain ground, you gain +1 to all Defy Danger rolls
  • Reactive: Whenever you are attacked, you can immediately respond and take +1 forward
  • Reckless: You deal +1d4 damage and take +1d4 damage
  • Precise: While you remain focused on a single target, you gain +2 piercing against them

I like this move quite a bit, but I think it needs to be better incorporated into and advance the fiction more. Reckless, for example, is purely a stat change at this point. I would like for it to require that the person describe how or why they’re being reckless, so that it plays out better in the storyline. Similarly, for Precise it’s hard to determine what exactly constitutes remain[ing] focused without additional context.

Lifting the Fog

The fog of war can mask any battle. As you witness it unfold, whenever you or someone you have a bond with takes damage gain 1 Insight (Max 2). During the battle you may spend Insight to:

  • Add +1 to any of your rolls (Max +2)
  • Reroll a damage roll (yours or an ally’s)

At the end of the battle your Insight resets to 0.

I originally had the following options for you to spend Insight on:

  • Change any Hack And Slash or Fire for Effect result of 6- (yours or an ally’s) to a 7-9 (Cost: 2)
  • Reroll a damage roll (yours or an ally’s)
  • Have you or an ally reload instantly

The reload instantly is kinda cool, but I already have an advanced move for that (Rapid Reload) so it seemed redundant. Changing 6- to 7-9 and requiring 2 Insight just seemed cumbersome. The only one I kept was rerolling damage, cause I like that a lot.

The thing I like about this move is how many possible advance moves it lets me make, which I’m listing below.

I would like to get at least 3 options for spending Insight into this move, so if you have any ideas let me know!

Advanced Moves

Deadly Cover 2.0

When you get a 7+ with Suppressing Fire you gauge your enemy’s reaction, gain +1 Insight.

This move originally read: When you get a 7-9 on Suppressing Fire you may choose to expend another use of your weapon to deal your damage. On a 10+ you may choose to expend another use of your weapon to deal +1d4 damage.”

I always liked having a move that buffs Suppressing Fire, but this was a bit cumbersome, and seemed a little weak. I like the new text, but I don’t think the name really fits any more so I’ll probably rename it. Let me know in the comments if you have any suggestions.

Field Medic

When you tend to someone’s wounds in combat you may spend 1 Insight to perform your treatment instantly.

Pre Sense

You always start combat with +1 Insight.

This move needs a new name.

Tactical Decision

You may spend 1 Insight to change your Tactical Advantage choice.

I like being able to change Tactical Advantage choice mid-combat, so I’ll probably add at least one more move with a different trigger that doesn’t cost Insight.

Advanced Moves for Levels 6+

Battle Medic

Requires: Field Medic

When you use Field Medic you also heal for +1d8 wounds.

Experienced Eye

Your max Insight is now 4.

Punish Weakness

When you get a 10+ with Hack and Slash or Fire for Effect you may spend 1 Insight to ignore armor and add +1 rending to your attack.

Fire For Effect is a new name for Aim and Fire I’m probably going to add in.

Saw It Comin’

When you take damage you may spend 1 Insight to negate it. Describe how you anticipated the attack and what you did to avoid it.

I like this name. This could maybe be a level 2-5 move and have an upgrade for 6+ that lets you retaliate or take +1 forward or something similar.

Veteran’s Sense

Replaces: Pre Sense

You always start combat with +2 Insight.

Drives Instead of Alignments

The more I use alignments the more I don’t like them. Drives serve the same purpose but with more freedom for writing them. I added four drives for the Warrior. They’ll need to be play tested to see how fun they are and if they’re even achievable.


Blow something up or dismember a foe.

Superior Position

Gain an advantage due to better choice of terrain or surroundings.

Weapon Master

Use a new weapon in combat or begin training with one.

Honor Killer

Challenge a foe to 1v1 combat and defeat them.

That’s the new warrior. You can see the differences in this comparison on GitHub, which also includes some other commits.

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