The Vin Moves Project – 20 New Dungeon World Custom Moves

My newest project I’m starting is called Vin Moves. The short description is “Custom moves for Dungeon World enemies and monsters to make them more interesting and more dangerous.”

The idea is to write 20 custom moves for a variety of different enemies the characters might face. Moves aren’t tied to a specific monster type; they’re meant to be applied where it makes sense or where it makes cool. A move like Venom Attack would fit right at home on a giant spider, but it could also apply to a centaur with magical arrows or a crafty cutpurse with a poisonous blade.

I plan to release one new move each weekday on this blog and put the entire collection up at as they come out. With each new move I’ll explain what I’m going for, some ideas I threw out, and some ideas I think might work in the future.

If you see something in a move you’d like to change, the entire move set is hosted here on GitHub; feel free to make a pull request. The text is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license, so you’re welcome to use it in your own projects.

To start things off, here is the first move of the project: Copycaster


When you are the first spell-casting member of your party to use magic where this foe can sense it, they gain the ability to cast a spell from your class, roll+WIS. On a 10+, the GM will choose a level 1 spell from your class. On a 7-9 the same, but the spell must be of your level or lower. On a 6-the GM will choose a spell from your class of any level.

“Your powers betray you!”

You can see this move here on the Vin Moves site and its file is here on GitHub.

This move kind of plays off the Turn their move back on them
GM move from Dungeon World, except it’s merely using the abilities that a character has access to, not necessarily ones they’ve used.

This move originally had you name two spells and then roll, and on a 10+ you choose which one they get access to, on a 7-9 the GM would decide, and a 6- they get access to both. The problem I had with that was that the difference between 10+ and 7-9 didn’t really matter. Since you were picking the two spells, you would just pick the two spells you feared the least. A 10+ didn’t feel like a great success, and a 7-9 didn’t feel much different.

The previous incarnation of this move had the player choosing which spells the foe could cast, but there were too many niche spells that, while powerful in certain situations, would do very little to make the enemy more dangerous or interesting. Contact Spirits, or Alarm, from the Wizard for example. For the Cleric, Detect Alignment and Bless would be particularly lame or difficult for the GM to use. I changed it instead to having the GM choose, but they are limited by spell level based on the roll result.

I think this new version, with the spell levels, is better. The 6- option is particularly powerful for the GM. If a level 1 Wizard gets a 6- a truly cruel GM could give their enemy access to some powerful spells:


Your touch pushes your mind into someone else’s. You gain 1d4 hold. Spend one hold to make the target take one of these actions:

  • Speak a few words of your choice
  • Give you something they hold
  • Make a concerted attack on a target of your choice
  • Truthfully answer one question

If you run out of hold the spell ends. If the target takes damage you lose 1 hold. While the spell is ongoing you cannot cast a spell.


Perfect Summons

You teleport a creature to your presence. Name a creature or give a short description of a type of creature. If you named a creature, that creature appears before you. If you described a type of creature, a creature of that type appears before you.

That’s it for my first move. Check back over the next few weeks for more.

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