Lost Love – Dungeon World Custom Move

Lost Love

When you are the first party member to make physical contact with this foe, you get a vision of something terrible that happened to a loved one in their past, roll+CHA. On a 10+ choose two, on a 7-9 choose one:

  • You get a clear sense of that person, the GM will tell you their name and describe them
  • You know what happened to them, describe it
  • You know who or what was responsible, the GM will tell you

On a 7+, take +1 forward when acting on the information.

“Tis better to have lost and avenged than to never have loved at all.”

You can view this move here on the Vin Moves website and edit it here on GitHub.

The thing I like about this move is that it forces you to bring some history to an NPC, one who is likely a villain. The mechanical effects of this move are very limited, it’s just a single +1 forward, but the chances for play with the fiction are great. The information players get can be used to goad an enemy, or sympathize with them, or lead them on an entirely new quest.

I don’t currently have a good 6- option for this move, you simply miss out on the +1 forward, so I’m open to suggestions. Leave them in the comments, or edit this file on GitHub. I’m leaving it the way it is because a 6- already means the GM gets to make a move.

One thing I’d like to toy with is how much of this move’s fiction is dictated by the players, and how much is by the GM. I might want to rewrite it so it’s much easier for GMs to decide when to tell a fact and when to ask for one.

The trigger for this move also seems a little limiting and I might want to be make it easier to trigger in more situation. For example it might make sense for this information to be revealed by a different NPC or a book instead of a by a vision. A new trigger might read “when you hear stories about this foe.”


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