Sanguine Binding

You can tell from the name of this move that I like Blood Angels from Warhammer 40k.

Sanguine Binding

This enemy has the power to use its blood to create a link between it and you. The first time this enemy’s blood touches you it binds its life force to yours, roll+CHA. On a 7+ whenever it takes damage, take the same amount ignoring armor and describe how this damage manifests itself. On a 10+ the link works both ways; when you take damage so does this enemy. On a 6- this link affects not just you – pick a party member you have a Bond with to be affected in the same way.

This effect lasts about a day unless the enemy is killed or you find some way to break the link.

You can view this move here on the Vin Moves site and edit it here on GitHub.

My hopes for this move are to have people question how they attempt to defeat an enemy, and consider what cost comes with that. Is it worth fireballing the big bad if it means your wounded Rogue might roll Last Breath? How bad will things get if you don’t take that risk?

I like keeping the way to end the effect fairly open. It will allow the players to get creative with how they can stop it.

The 10+ option could make for some cool self-sacrificing moves by the affected player. The 6- result is pretty harsh but I like that is uses Bonds. I’m considering adding a “they mark XP” line to soften the blow.

This move could have easily used CON instead of CHA but I think this is a slightly cooler take on it. I also find CHA to be one of the lesser used stats.

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