Famous Weapon

Famous Weapon

When your group first hears of or sees this enemy’s notorious weapon, the party member with the most knowledge of weapons knows of it and rolls+INT. On a 7+ choose two and describe them:

  • It’s said to leave lasting wounds beyond cuts and bruises
  • It crackles or shimmers with an elemental force
  • It is a sentient weapon with a mind of its own
  • It is holy (or corrupt)
  • It is a long lost weapon of a famous order, guild, or family
  • It was constructed using a rare and powerful material

On a 10+ the GM will tell you what tags, bonuses, and additional effects the weapon has.
On a 6- the GM will choose two, but the weapon will not easily serve a new master.

View this move here on Vin Moves and here on GitHub.

This first version of this move had you rolling when you first saw the weapon, but I changed it to include hearing about it. I wanted the GM to be able to put this move into play whenever the characters are poking around about a well known enemy and start collecting rumors.

I also originally had this move be rolled by the player with the highest Intelligence score. I think going off the scores is a cool mechanic I’ll explore in the future, but the new version that’s based on knowledge of weapons is truer to the fiction.

I originally started writing this move with the intention of forcing the player to pick their poison, and choose things about this weapon that would make the encounter harder. This would be things like Forceful and Messy tags, or +1d4 damage, or heals for X. I changed my mind on that and now want to leave those mechanical effects up to the GM based on the descriptions given by the player.

With the options you can choose to give the weapon this move should help shape the lore of the world you’re in. I particularly like the option where the weapon is being sought by a group, as that could make a new adventure on its own.

GMs should be heavily encouraged to ask lots of follow up questions. If the weapon is made with fabled Dragonbone or Ironblood forges, then what are those? Where do they come from? Who has access to them?

The players are going to want to steal this weapon, I can feel it. I think it will be fun to let them craft it themselves then hopefully win the fight and get to take it.


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