Snake’s Window

This next move is much shorter, and quite simple, but I like its trigger:

Snake’s Window

When you roll double 1s in the presence of this foe it finds an opening into your mind – it catches glimpses of what you’re about to do almost before you know you’re going to do it. This effect lasts until the foe is defeated, someone else rolls double 1s, or you find some way to break the spell.

“The eyes are the gates of the mind, and you have left yours unguarded.”

You can view this move here on Vin Moves and edit it here on GitHub.

One of my Dungeon World groups is always pointing on when they get doubles on their rolls, asking for a bonus of some kind. It’s mostly in jest at this point, as they know that’s not a real DW mechanic, but they still like seeing doubles. I think a move happening because of a roll instead of the other way around could be a fun change of pace.

This move will definitely need some more play testing, as the effect might be stifling to players. My hopes are that players will use this as an opportunity, and attempt to trick their enemy with false thoughts.

Originally this move read “it knows what you’re about to do almost before you do” but I felt that was too powerful, and too strict. The new version clarifies that they’re “glimpses” which gives the players and the GM a bit more wiggle room.

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