This enemy has the ability to morph spells cast in its presence. When this foe attempts to mutate a spell you’ve just cast roll+WIS. On a 10+, your spell has the desired effect, but it looks entirely different, describe how. On a 7-9 choose another spell you have prepared, it will be cast instead and on the same target. If you have no other spells prepared treat a 7-9 as a miss. On a 6- the GM will choose a spell from your class of your level+1 or lower.

See the move here on VinMoves and edit it here on GitHub.

The difference between a 7-9 and 6- result here is something I like to see in moves. The outcome isn’t numerically worse, like taking 1d6 damage vs 1d8 damage, but handing control over to the GM means it will likely be a very different result, and in a fun way. Letting the GM pick a spell you don’t have prepared also gives them a lot of freeing.

I really like the chaos that this move can throw into a fight. One issue I ran into with playtesting is that limiting the change of spell to other prepared spells can be kind of wonky if they’re forgotten a lot of spells. This is a bit of an edge case, so I’m going to leave it for now and hopefully someone can suggest a small change that clears this up.

If the player finds themselves with only 1 spell prepared and they roll a 7-9 on this move it treats the result as a miss. This was put in because otherwise there wasn’t any clear idea what would happen.

I originally had this move trigger each time a spell was cast in range of the enemy, but I found that too limiting for me as a GM. I’ve changed the trigger so that it’s very much in the hands of the GM. You could still use this move on every spell cast but now you have the option to reserve it for a golden opportunity or a 6- roll.

One thing I’m worried about is that after the move is first triggered and players are made aware, they might not cast spells at all. I’m considering adding a bonus to the 10+ option so that this move ups the reward as well as the risk. Here’s what I’m considering: “On a 10+ your spell looks completely different, describe how. Additionally, you may choose to take one of the options from the 7-9 list of your spell casting move, to combine the effects of any level 1 spell from your class.” I won’t be adding it for now, as I don’t think it’s entirely necessary, but I’m going to keep that idea logged away for future use.

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