Marked for Vengeance

Marked for Vengeance

When you deal the final blow to this foe it lashes out with its final breath and marks your body. A symbol materializes on you that those it is in league with will be able to detect from miles away. Describe the mark and what form it takes (tattoo, scar, brand, etc) and roll+CON.

  • On a 10+ the mark will itch when those that can detect it are within a mile or so of you
  • On a 7-9 the mark will cause a minor burning pain when they are almost right on top of you
  • On a 6- the mark will pulse with a searing agony when they are within reach of you and you will take -1 forward

This mark can be removed, but it’s a difficult process that is beyond the skill of most healers and magic users.

You can view this move here on Vin Moves and edit it here on GitHub.

This move is one I really like. Being marked with scars and brands is cool, and having an organization on your tail is a great plot hook. Having the brand start to tingle is a great “reveal an unwelcome truth” or “point to a looming threat” moveĀ for the GM to make.

I quite like the fictional differences between the different results. The -1 forward on 6- isn’t even totally necessary, but I like it there.

An earlier version of the move gave some examples of “those it is in league with” in parentheses after it. I’m considering re-adding those for clarity so it would read “those it is in league with (followers, allies, siblings, masters, etc)” but I’m not sure it’s necessary.


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