Chain Lightning

Chain Lightning

When you are struck by this enemy’s chain lightning attack, its power rampages through you before attempting to jump targets, take their damage and roll+CON. On a 10+ you absorb the entirety of the attack and it does not jump targets. On a 7-9 the lightning uses its remaining power to deal damage to a party member of your choice, but it does not continue to jump. On a 6- the lightning courses from you to another party member of the GM’s choice and triggers this move on them.

You can view this move here on Vin Moves and edit it here on GitHub.

This move was inspired by the Chain Lightning in a Bottle magic item that I heard on Episode 9 of the Discern Realities podcast. I first had this move using the deescalating damage die size that the item has. You would be hit by the move and would roll+CON to reduce the damage die size. This would continue jumping from person to person on pretty much all roll results until the damage die size was down to d4.

Vin Moves are meant to be applied to many different types of enemies, so I couldn’t be sure how that would work with monsters with small die sizes. There was also a lot more book keeping involved as well, as you’d have players rolling their CON and remembering what die size they were on. This new version simplifies things quite a bit I think.

This move doesn’t add as much to the fiction as some of the other moves I have, but I think it’s a good way to spice up an enemy’s attacks. I also like that it’s up to the player to choose who the lightning bounces to. It might be worth exploring that more, and perhaps including Bonds in some way.


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