Illusionary Defense

Illusionary Defense

When this enemy first feels itself threatened it creates two near-identical copies of itself. These copies deal the same damage, but have half the enemy’s current health and no armor. If you are the party member who got the best look at this enemy, roll+WIS. On a 10+ you know what to look for to distinguish the two illusions, describe the tell. On a 7-9 the same, but only one of the illusions has this tell.

View this move here on Vin Moves and here on GitHub.

This move is a classic in boss fights, and one I’ve used before without the custom move to go with it. This move kind of has two triggers to it, one to trigger the creation of the illusions, which is up to the GM, and the other to determine who rolls. I like the second trigger as it makes it clear that only one player rolls, but deciding who that is is left to the table to decide.

The difference between the 10+ and 7-9 results here is pretty small, I hope it makes the results feel different enough. I’m open to suggestions on different results, but I like the idea of the move giving the characters some way to target the right illusion.

It’s not mentioned in the move, and perhaps it should be, but my intention is that when the enemy is defeated the illusions dissipate. A single line describing that might be needed.

Statting the illusions is also something I’m not too sure about. Because they’re illusions I gave them less HP, but that might make them too weak. The move should be about finding the right guy, not about quickly killing the illusions because they die in one pop. Play testing will be what decides this I think.

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