Fueled by Pain

Fueled by Pain

This enemy revels in its own pain. Whenever this enemy takes damage, including self-inflicted damage, it becomes visibly more dangerous and increases its damage die size by one. If its damage is already at d20, add an additional d20 to its rolls and take the highest. If this enemy goes for a minute without taking or dealing damage, or is healed, its damage die resets to its original size.

You can view this move here on Vin Moves and here on GitHub.

What I like about this move is that introduces something to the fight that I half remember hearing the developers of Left 4 Dead talking about: it’s not always smart to hurt the bad guy. In Left 4 Dead this applies to the Boomer, because killing him while he’s next to you will get you covered in bile.

This idea is kind of present in Fueled by Pain, cause it almost always makes sense to kill the dude, but sometimes it might be worth trying something other than hitting him if you’re not going to be doing a lot of damage. I also like the idea of healing an enemy being a good thing.

I hope that the talk of damage die size and adding dice to the roll is clear in this move, but it might benefit from examples. To explain further here, if a monster has damage of d10+2 and they take damage, their damage becomes d12+2. After that it will be d20+2 then b[2d20]+2 then b[3d20]+2. If at any point you avoid taking or dealing damage to them, or you heal them, their damage would go back to d10+2.

One cool little piece I’ve added is just the line “including self-inflicted damage” which I think gives the GM a badass way to point to a looming threat. The enemy could cut themselves across the arm and then grow fangs, or stab their dagger into their gut and pull it out covered in new spikes.

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