Haunting Spirit

Haunting Spirit

When you deal the killing blow to this enemy, its haunting spirit escapes from the corpse and screams into your body, roll+WIS. On a 10+ the spirit has a tenuous grasp on you, it will trouble your dreams. On a 7-9 the same, but the spirit also haunts your waking life and will occasionally speak to you. On a 6- the spirit might briefly take control of you during moments of weakness. The spirit will stay with you until an appropriate ritual is performed to expel it.

You can view this move here on Vin Moves and here on GitHub.

This one comes from my recent rewatch of Supernatural. I like that this move is all fiction and not mechanics. One thing I’m not sure of is the 6- result. Having something take control of you might be too much, so I’m considering changing it to the spirit can affect the world around you like a poltergeist. This gives you a neat move to make on failed roll at least.

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  1. I second your concern about the 6- result: I think it crosses the bright line of “do not take control of PCs away from the players / provide incentives/disincentives, but do not compel PC action.”

    I’d be interested in perhaps giving the 6- an ongoing “passenger”: the haunt continues to speak to the PC (maybe hand control off to another player, like a Wraith: the Oblivion Shadow), and can offer the PC +1s, or force -1s, to encourage/discourage action the haunt prefers. Giving it a personality and some interests to pursue can turn it into more of an ongoing character than simply a mechanical penalty: I could easily see this end up an ally, familiar, or if loosed on the world, a foe with intimate knowledge of the inside of the PC’s head.

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