When you deal 7 or more damage to this enemy in a single attack, the shimmering aura around it crackles and lashes out with tendrils of arcane energy at you and anyone with reach range of you. If you are caught in the counter-attack describe how you defy it and roll+STAT. On a 10+  you avoid the attack entirely. On a 7-9 choose 1. On a 6- the GM will also choose one:

  • You take the damage that activated the aura
  • The damage required to activate this aura is reduced by 1
  • The enemy negates the damage. This can only be taken once per counter-attack

You can view this move here on Vin Moves and here on GitHub.

Retaliatory + Aura = Retaliataura

This move plays off something I’ve touched on in previous moves which is adding a bit of doubt into character’s attacks. Perhaps hitting the enemy right now as hard as I can might not actually be the best move?

The move here is another one that has two triggers to it. The first is dealing damage over a certain number. I’ve started with 7, but this can and should obviously be adjusted based on the strength of the party. I specified a single attack here instead of a single roll. I hope this is clear that it’s the addition of all dice involved and any damage bonuses. For example a Wizard rolling 2d4 for magic missile can trigger this move because you add the dice together.

The second trigger is slightly open to interpretation to the GM based on how close everyone is. The only guarantee is that the person who hit the damage threshold definitely gets attacked. For the stat here I’ve left it open ended and even explicitly used the word defin the move to make it clear that players are basically doing a Defy Danger here, but the results are explicitly stated in the move.

For the results that you get here I think I’ve got a good mix of tough choices. The only thing that troubles me here is the damage negation option, as its something that only one person can take even if three people roll poorly on this move. I’ve clarified that in the option, but the extra wording seems a bit clunky to me. The other two options give you a choice between “bad thing now” and “more bad things later”. Having the damage you take be equal to what the player rolled is kind of neat to me as well.

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