Insidious Hunger

Insidious Hunger

This enemy exudes an aura of gluttony and everhunger. Each time you are attacked by this enemy, gain 1 craving. Whenever a move would have you consume a ration, such as Make Camp or Undertake a Perilous Journey, consume an additional ration and reduce your craving by 1. You must consume at least 1 ration to reduce your craving. If you ever go a day without eating while you have any craving, lose all craving and gain an appetite for sentient flesh.

You can view this move here on Vin Moves and here on GitHub.

The first note I had for this move was simply “something with rations?” and it grew from there. It originally would require you to consume a ration mid-combat or accrue a penalty, but that felt like it would be very clumsy in a fight. This version doesn’t affect combat as much, aside from giving you an extra reason to avoid an attack.

I had a bit of trouble trying to make it clear that moves like the Druid’s By Nature Sustained didn’t make you exempt from the craving. Eventually I settled on the single sentence in the middle “You must consume at least 1 ration to reduce your craving” which I think makes it clear.

The negative effect here at the end here I think is pretty interesting, but the move could substitute that with almost anything. Like most of my moves I started with you just taking damage, but this is more compelling to me. I also had “appetite for human flesh” to start, but then I remembered elves and dwarves.

I’d like to throw this into my game just to give a little bit more power to rations. They’re something that generally goes forgotten in my groups. That is almost entirely my fault for not being strict on them, but I think if some of the players get a couple points of craving I’ll be more inclined to double check their ration levels.

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