Monstercat Adventures Ep. 3 Recap


  • Shank (Amanda): a thief who throws daggers
  • Hisho (Thomas): a cleric who smashes heads
  • Grom (Bill): a half-orc fighter with an axe named Ghostbane
  • Galadiir (Dan): a strong looking wizard who steals swords
  • Oaky (Sean): an androgynous elf druid with dreamy eyes

Third Session

Our band of intrepid adventurers continue through The Hollow Forest, following the Elven ghost of Galloway as he searches for his wife. They hope to follow Galloway back to the last place he remembers, the forgotten city of Imfalon, whose location is as unknown as its veracity is doubted. There they hope to find memorable treasures, ones like the magical sword freshly stolen by Galadiir.

It is on this journey that Grom, the half-orc fighter, becomes restless and charges ahead of the group headlong into a procession of frightened and battered human refugees. Their leader, a half-orc blacksmith by the name of Thordock, explains how the village of Olto that he and those with him call home came under attack by a large horde of elven zombies. He asks Grom and the rest of his party for aid.

The group splits up, with Grom and Galadiir making their way straight to the village, moving stealthily. This lasts until Galadiir trips on his sword and swears, attracting the attention of a large horde of elven zombies being herded by a decapitated horseman, whose severed head laughs maniacally as he swings it around on the end of a chain. Seeing this, Oaky begins transforming into an Owlbear and heading down to help his fellow adventurers.

The rest of the group – Hoshi, Shank, and Thordock – sneak around the zombie horde and into the village or Orto itself. A few straggler zombies give them some trouble before Hoshi uses his divine power to cast Turn Undead and sends them fleeing.

Eventually the zombie horde and its headless horseman leader is defeated. The party is presented with tokens from Thordock that they can present to any resident of Orto to show that they helped save the town.

Some highlights from the night

  • Grom chopping down a tree and having it fall onto the approaching zombies
  • Shank throwing kitchen knife after kitchen knife at everything around her
  • Shank throwing her short sword into the neckhole of the horseman when she ran out of knives to throw
  • Grom whirlwinding into a group of ten zombies and nearly passing into the Black Gates of death
  • Oaky saving Grom by going zombie bowling as a giant Owlbear
  • Oaky transforming into a wee little pig to catch the fleeing horseman
  • Hoshi smashing the severed head of the headless horseman, releasing the evil spirit within
  • Hoshi having that same spriti¬†fly into his body
  • Galadiir pouring a health potion into Grom’s mouth while he lay nearly dead before charging sword first into more zombies
  • Grom finding a Blinking Coin that when flipped in the air will teleport you to a location you name
  • Grom saying “the Moon”, flipping the coin, and disappearing before the party’s eyes

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