Medium – Dungeon World Compendium Class

This is a compendium class I wrote after picking up the Medium randomly at a Pathfinder game at PAX West. I found the idea of channeling spirits, and choosing specific types when you did, pretty cool. Special thanks to karaktakus from the RPG Talk Slack Dungeon World channel for helping and providing feedback.

I’ve hosted the move here on GitHub where you can suggest changes, and pasted it in its current form below.


When you are possessed by a spirit, or converse with one at length, you may consider the Medium a compendium class that is open to you. The next time you level up instead of taking a move from your class, you may take the Medium starting moves.

Starting Moves

When you take an hour to perform a seance ritual, you invite a spirit to inhabit your body. Choose a spirit type from Spiritual Affinity you have available and set your instability to 0. The spirit will leave your body after a day, or if you seance again.

Spiritual Affinity
Your ability to seance is limited to spirits you are compatible with. Choose two types of spirits you are able to seance with. Whenever you are possessed by a new type of spirit, or spend time speaking with a new type, you may consider that type available to you.

  • Guardian
    Domain: protection and defense
    Move: At any time you may gain 1 instability to choose an option from the Defend move.
  • Magi
    Domain: magic and the arcane
    Move: When you roll a 7-9 while casting a spell, you may choose to take 1 instability instead of choosing from the provided list.
  • Mender
    Domain: healing and restoration
    Move: When you heal yourself or another, add +1d4. When healing you may choose add an additional +1d6 and gain 1 instability.
  • Warrior
    Domain: battle and combat
    Move: Whenever you deal damage through combat you may gain 1 instability to add +1d6 damage.

Spiritual Guidance
You may reroll any move associated with the domain of the spirit within you. If you do you gain 1 instability.

Retain Stability
Whenever you gain instability, you must fight to retain parity with the spirit inside you. Roll 2d6 and subtract your instability. On a 10+ you reinforce the bond with the spirit, reduce your instability by 1. On a 7-9 you maintain stability, but only just. On a 6- choose one:

  • Maintaining stability takes a mental toll, take 1 damage ignoring armor for each instability you have
  • The link between your body and the spirit within is severed, the spirit leaves your body

Advanced Moves

If you have the Seance move, these count as class moves for you; you can choose from them when you level up:

Spiritual Intervention
When you or a nearby ally would take damage, you may expel the spirit from your body and use its force to negate the damage.

Words of Wisdom
When you consult the spirit that reside within you, they will give you an insight relating to the current situation, and might ask you some questions in return, roll+CHA.

  • On a 10+, the GM will give you good detail.
  • On a 7-9, the GM will give you an impression.

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