The Beginning of Publishing My First Dungeon World Supplement

I’ve decided to publish my own Dungeon World supplement, called Binding World.

View the Binding World website.

I’m going to attempt to document the entire process on this blog as it may be useful to anyone reading it in the future. Let’s take a look at what this project will be:

The Goals

  • Hold a printed copy in my hands
  • Have someone I don’t know buy at least the PDF
  • Complete those two goals by Oct 1st 2018 (Dec 31st 2017)

That’s it. I’m not looking to make money on this, or have it be wildly successful, I just want to do it.

Even though I only have a few goals here, I’d be surprised if this didn’t end up being a lot more work than I’m intending. Holding a printed book in my hands means I’m going to need to the following

  • Write the damn thing
  • Get it edited
  • Do the layout
  • Commission or purchase some art
  • Get someone to print it for me

Writing the damn thing is something I enjoy, so that’s good. I’ve never hired an editor before, I might just stick with friends and helpful folks. Layout I’ll probably do myself and ask for input from my artist friends. I won’t get crazy with it so hopefully I can keep it looking okay by keeping it simple.

For the art I’d like to have a decent cover done up, and some background styling done that thematically fits the compendium classes. Here’s an example that would fit the Helltamer using an image from DOOM as the background and some Lorem Ipsum text.

I really want to hold this in my hands and have it printed, but I won’t be doing a print run. If all I can do is get a few copies printed at a print-on-demand service that will be plenty. I’ll likely use Lulu.

Getting someone to buy the PDF will mean I’ll need to make it appealing, get it up on somewhere to sell (likely and, and convince someone that having this PDF is worth more than their cup of coffee tomorrow. It’s also important I don’t know this person, because then I can believe it’s the quality of my product that made them buy it and not an obligation to a friend.

The Contents

Here’s a brief run down of what I currently want the book to contain.

  • A table of contents
  • An introduction
  • Three compendium classes
    • The Bloodbinder
    • The Medium
    • The Helltamer
  • Three dungeon starters
    • Each one clearly associated with a compendium class
    • Have ways for characters to unlock the compendium classes
    • Custom moves
    • New monsters
    • Impressions for theming
    • Questions for building the adventure
    • Items and discoveries
  • A color cover done up
  • Some internal black and white art
  • Printable character sheets
  • Printable dungeon starter sheets

I have rough versions of each of the compendium classes written. I need to spend some time on each clarifying the mechanics and then I’ll be able to start playtesting all of them.

The dungeon starters were originally meant to be Fronts, but I think the dungeon starters will be easier and more fun to write. I decided this when I saw these 20 Dungeon Starters compiled into a PDF on They’re great for inspiration, both for this project and for my campaigns.

To start off the project I’ve also launched a landing page for the website and a newsletter you can subscribe to for a 20% off coupon when it launches.

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