Binding World Update #4 – Dungeon Starter Sneak Peek

I’ve continued making tweaks to the compendium classes of Binding World, but lately have spent most of my time on this project writing up the three dungeon starters that will come with it.

A large part of this time has been working on the RPG Parser code that I’m using to organize my project. I’ve got it to a point where I can write game content easily in my markdown or JavaScript files and open an HTML file in my browser. It’s not meant to show what the final PDF will look like, it’s just for me to be able to proofread. Here’s a screenshot of what that looks like:

What I see when I edit Binding World.

This image shows three separate entries from the Sanguine Temple dungeon starter. Each dungeon starter will have multiple things to uncover and foes to face, as well as questions to build the lore, and impressions for the GM to paint scenes with. This adventure seed is centred around an ancient order known as the Sanguinites, a group with heavy blood themes.

I made some changes after looking at the screenshot, here are updated versions of the two Discoveries and the one Threat from the screenshot:

Bloodlocked Door
When you smear your blood on the sigils of a bloodlocked door, roll+CON. On a 10+ choose 1, on a 7-9 choose 2:

  • You must pay an additional fee of blood for the door to open, take 1d6 damage ignoring armor
  • The door will open very slowly
  • The door will make a cacophony of noise when it opens

The Sanguinites are meant to be the easiest way for the GM to introduce the Bloodbinder class to the table, so naturally blood is featured heavily in this dungeon starter. What I like about this custom move is how the circumstances really change which options are the most attractive. Your choices will depend largely on whether you’re in a hurry, being sneaky, or low on health.

Stained Glass Dagger
This dagger’s blade is made of stained red glass. It glitters beautifully in light and is surprisingly sharp and resilient. If it tastes blood, it begins to hum and emits a faint red glow.

When you deal damage with this weapon, you may choose to take the damage you rolled, ignoring armor, and reroll the damage you deal. You may only do this once per attack.

I like the visual of a stained glass dagger, but I think having it be red might be a little boring. I might change it to depict a scene or person, like the stained glass windows found in churches. The players could describe what it shows.

The mechanic for this is interesting to me. It’s a less powerful mechanic than just letting you take the highest of two results, but I think it’s more fun. You almost always reroll your 1s and 2s, so I decided to make the damage ignore armor otherwise it’s just a free reroll. The dagger also isn’t cutting you, it’s more draining your life force, so ignoring armor fits thematically.

Sleeping Dart Trap
When you are hit by a poisoned dart fired from the shadows, take 1 damage and roll+CON. On a 10+ you feel the sting, but no other effects. On 7-9 you immediately feel drowsy, you’ll be fast asleep in minutes. On a 6- you instantly slump to the ground in a deep sleep.

This is a modified move from the Goblin Dart Trap move found in the Castle Death dungeon starter from 20 Dungeon Starters by Lampblack & Brimstome. The consequences are a bit harder in my version. I like this because the trigger is something GMs can keep in their back pocket to bring out at almost any time. The dart can come from either enemies or traps.

In a future update I’ll discuss the changes I’ve been making to the Helltamer to include a corruption progress bar that is filled in during play. More corruption means your spells will be more powerful, but becoming too corrupt could spell the end for your character (and any unfortunate enough to be nearby).

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