Heresy World

Heresy World is a Warhammer 40k conversion of Dungeon World, heavily influenced by the tabletop RPG Dark Heresy. I am working on it in my spare time and this page will be a living document of my ever-changing list of goals. In an effort to actually release something at some point, I’m attempting to keep the goals short and move feature creep into later version goals.

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Version 1 Goals


The first version of Heresy World will have three classes:

  • Investigator: an acolyte whose skills lie in finding, disrupting, and ending criminal activities in the Imperium.
  • Assassin: a born or trained hitman, the Assassin is a master of infiltration and the clean kill. Assassins can move in for the close quarters kill with their piercing blades, or take out their target from long range with a well placed shot.
  • Warrior: a warrior is a hardened and experienced fighter with an extensive knowledge of explosives.

Each class will have:

  • 2-4 Starting Moves
  • 10+ Advanced moves for levels 2-5
  • Starting Gear options
  • Look options
  • 2-3 bonds


The first version of the game will be missing many many items from the Warhammer 40k world. The first goal is to only have enough items for players to take their starting gear.


Explanations and rules on how to create missions for the Acolytes, along with at least one sample mission.


The first batch of enemies will be very simple, just enough to run the first front. This goal will become more solidified as the Front materializes. I’d expect some crooks or bandits, a couple cultists, and either a minor Daemon or a Xeno-enhanced human.

Future Versions

The following are ideas I’ve had that I’m excited about, but I want to work on later. I haven’t prioritized them yet, I’m just dumping them here.

  • More classes, most notably:
    • Psyker
    • Scoundrel
    • Tech-Priest
  • More items
    • Flame weapons
    • Bolters
    • Plasma guns
    • Chain weapons
    • Mono blades
  • More explosives
    • Melta bombs
    • Hallucinogen grenades
  • More missions
  • Mission generation tables